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Are you looking for a passionate, articulate, effective and motivational speaker for your educational institution, organization or youth group? Then Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas is that individual! Bermuda College has had the privilege of having Dr. Douglas speak on two occasions over the past year. On the first occasion, Dr. Douglas was one of the speakers at our Male Forum organized by our MenSpeak registered student organization. It was clear that Dr. Douglas had a heart for education and a passion for challenging men to take up their rightful roles in their families and communities. As a result of hearing Dr. Douglas speak at this forum and as an alumnus of Bermuda College, I invited him to be our 2013 Commencement speaker. He delivered a motivational and inspiring speech to our graduates and was deemed by many to be one of our best Commencement Speakers in recent years. By sharing his personal struggles and challenges, he inspired the graduates to understand that no matter what life throws at you, you are able to overcome as long as you continue pressing toward your goal and finish whatever you start. As a result of his dynamic Commencement Address, Dr. Douglas was invited by the Pastor of Mount Zion AME Church to speak at their morning worship service. I again had the privilege to be present and hear another dynamic message. Dr. Douglas has been blessed with a special oratory gift which he is able to effectively use to relate to persons, especially black men, of all ages. Dr. Douglas is passionate about family, males, education and winning souls for the Kingdom and I would highly recommend him if you are seeking a dynamic motivational speaker to address any of these topics.

- Dr. Duranda Greene, JP, Bermuda College President


The day Dr. Douglas came to speak was the best class period we ever had. Dr. Douglas spoke with great passion, intellect, and experience— we were all astonished. In his one-hour talk he reignited the flame that had begun to die in some of us about teaching and the field of education…. I knew that I needed to find a way to have more students, especially African American students, hear him. Thus, in the Spring of 2014 I asked Dr. Douglas to be the guest speaker at my sorority’s event, “Scholars without Borders.” Again, Dr. Douglas gave a moving speech that touched everyone in the room. Dr. Douglas’ ability to connect with and truly inspire people from all walks of life is what truly amazes me. 

- Kara White, University of Missouri Alumna • Vice President, MU Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. • Pattonville High School Math Teacher


Dr. Douglas’ speech was dynamic and full of information that our teachers are going to be able to use in their teaching practices. In addition to that, his talk was also something that inspires a group of people who are going into a profession to serve others; to hear those words from someone like Dr. Douglas based on his background and the work that he does undoubtedly impacts the people that he speaks to!

 - Dr. Matthew Cunningham , Postdoctoral Researcher / Scholar / Undergraduate Instructor University of Missouri


As a scholar and speaker who has transitioned from homelessness as a teenager, to completing my GED, and now having earned a PhD, I know the power of border crossing personally and professionally! In addition to my personal experience, I have dedicated my life to assisting others in border crossing and I am pleased that my friend and colleague, Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas, has made this his life’s work. I am excited about Dr. Douglas’ book and its capacity to provide access, perspective and practical possibilities for others who desire to cross borders toward the fulfillment of their destiny!

- Eric “ET” Thomas, PhD, Renowned Speaker, Educator, Author, Activist, and Minister